Thursday, June 2, 2011

Would you like cream with that?

This morning I was running around getting ready, taking a shower, etc. Alaina has therapy at 8:30 on Thurs. so I have to move quick. Anyways at about 8:20 Olivia announces that she has made me a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Even though I just ate an hour before I didn't want to hurt her feelings. Or squash such a generous attitude.

So I ate some of the cereal and then threw the rest in the sink. The milk tasted kind of funny, but I didn't think about it too hard. Then I open the refrigerator and see the carton of half n half right in front of the milk jug. I shake it and realize that although it was full this morning it is now noticeably lighter. Did I just have creamer on my cereal? Yep and aparently so did Olivia. Yuck! I will definitely inspect her food prep a little closer in the future.

It was a sweet gesture though. Thanks Olivia! Let's try to stick with the 2% from now on, ok?

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Granny said...

It could be a loooong summer. At least Olivia is a fan of breakfast!