Friday, June 10, 2011

Rockin' New Kicks

Alaina recently got some rockin' new footwear as recommended by her physical therapist. They are custom fit orthotics that are designed to keep her ankles more stable as she walks. Most kids with Down syndrome have varying degrees of low muscle tone and hyperflexibility of their joints. This can cause the ankles to turn in thus making the ankles less stable. The orthotics help with arch and ankle support.

They even have cute little butterflies on them!!!

According to the orthotist she doesn't require any special shoes to go over so we are just using her regular ones.

Alaina is quite particular about people messing with her shoes. Hence the sad face she displayed for the camera...

I already notice that she is walking a little more confidently. It's also easier for her to squat when her ankles are supported. Something we are working on in PT.

Looking good kid!


Granny said...

A little Rockette, for sure!

Happy birthday to Olivia and to Gwen, too!

Love,Carrol and Gary

gwen said...