Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Potty Success

Alaina had a potty success! She's been practicing potty routines the past week or so and seems interested so we gave it a go yesterday. I brought her over by the potty after snack time which is usually when she will have a pee. I really feel like she knew what the deal was because she kept looking at me, then would go sit on the potty, get up, repeat, etc. etc. Anyways I wasn't paying to much attention (because of the other two) and when I got up to look there was pee in the potty! It's really encouraging to know that Alaina can do it! I just have to be more consistent with giving her the opportunity.

Signing "all done" ...

This little one even got in on the act. Believe it or not she went #2 in the potty this morning after I noticed her making the "I gotta go" face. I seriously couldn't believe it.

Way to go girls!


Granny said...

Ah--it's always the little accomplishments that really make the big difference. Those are the cutest pictures. Way to "go" girls!

Anonymous said...

I will take them both to go potty and once they pee lick their little bald p=ssy's clean then have nakey fun with them