Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Disney Trip

Here are some pics from our Disney World trip. We just got back on Sat. and there are tons of photos to sort through. Overall we had a really great time. Olivia did well most of the time and Alaina stayed with my mom some of the days. One of the best parts was how authentic the characters were. They looked and acted the part so well and Olivia enjoyed getting to meet them after getting over her initial shyness.

This is a pic of Brian on stage with Belle. She picked him to play the Beast during a storytime that they acted out. Unfortunately he had the camera in his pocket the whole time so I didn't get any pictures until the end. It was Brian's favorite "Disney moment".

Taking a spin on the tea cups.

This was Olivia with her 3-D glasses at the Toy Story ride. Definitely one of our favorite rides there and thankfully with the Fastpass system we didn't even have to wait in line.

This little one is happy to be home. She enjoys being able to roam the house and play with her toys. Her latest activity has been dubbed as having a party in the bathroom. It's a phrase one of Olivia's friends picked up in kindergarten for when the naughty kids play in the bathroom. Alaina can often be caught playing with toys in the toilet and unrolling the paper. We all are having to learn the importance of keeping bathroom doors closed to prevent any further parties in the bathroom =)