Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We had lots of fun hanging out with our family in Jacksonville. In other news, Brian got a job offer from ABB and we will be moving to Virginia at the beginning of January. His job is in South Boston, but since it is such a tiny town we are thinking of moving to the Danville area. We will be going up to look around as soon as Brian is done with school so we will know more then. Brian has been going to school since before we met and it is all Olivia knows so I'm sure she is going to appreciate no more homework taking up all of Daddy's free time. Overall we are just very happy to be starting this new chapter in our lives!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is Tyler who is a little boy we have been watching since our friend that used to watch him moved to Oklahoma. He will be hanging out with us for a couple more weeks until he goes somewhere else for more permanent care. Olivia has really enjoyed having another little person around to play with all the time and she is suprisingly very gentle with him. Hopefully she will feel the same when the new baby comes.

Susan, I hope seeing a picture of Tyler will make you feel better since I read you are missing him right now and I'm sure he's missing you and James.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Election Night

I know this post is kind of late, but I thought I would put up the pictures anyway. Olivia watched with me as the results came in and I was frantically going back and forth between the tv and internet to get the latest news. She doesn't get what the big deal is, but that didn't stop her from celebrating with me. It is nice to have someone to get excited with me since Brian doesn't get into it like I do. All I can say is it really was an amazing night and I'm so relieved that it's over!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Olivia's First Haircut

Olivia went to get her first haircut on Halloween. We had been talking to her about it for a while before we went to get her ready. The first time she sat down she started crying so I let her watch while I got my hair cut to see if that would help her feel better about it. After that she was ready and other than giving the hairdresser suspicious looks she seemed to handle it just fine. We even got an envelope to put snipets of hair in and a certificate for a first haircut.
Notice she is wearing her Cinderella costume. She has been wearing it almost daily since she got it and asks to put it on every morning. It is a good negotiating tool to use to get out of the house in the morning. Most people say "How cute she's still wearing her Halloween costume," and the parents look at me like they have been there and understand how preschoolers are.

I thought getting her hair cut would be sad for me, but it wasn't all that bad especially since there wasn't much crying involved. Hopefully next time will go just as well and Olivia might even enjoy it.