Thursday, March 29, 2012

Update time :)

First up is Alaina because she is going to be 3 on sunday! I'm so excited for her growing up and learning and becoming more independent all the time. I'm not a mom who misses the baby stage! Maybe someday, but not today.

Anyways, the big event for Alaina is that she is done with Early Intervention and moving on to preschool. Through Early Intervention we had a therapist come to our house to help us work on things Alaina needed to be learning. Now she will go to school and have her therapies there. The school Alaina will be going to is located in the same building as her Mom's Morning Out. Because of the timing of her birthday and availability of spaces she won't be starting until the end of August. I'm fine with this as it gives us time to enjoy summer! When she does go it will be from 8:00 - 2:30. Those a long hours for a little tyke, but they do get nap time in the afternoon. I think Alaina is going to love it!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alaina ...

Lost the fight for the marker, poor kid.

Little ones coloring

And now they are fighting over the one marker. Siblings ;)

Friday, March 16, 2012

This year...

... the plan is for success in vegetable gardening. Our previous years have been pretty unsuccessful as far as producing anything edible. This year we are getting serious. Now that it's our house we are taking over the yard and my lovely husband has built two raised beds to give the plants a better chance. So far we've planted strawberries, beets, radishes, lettuce, swiss chard and spinach. Thanks to my Grandparents for sending us some seeds! I'm not sure how good the cool weather plants are going to do in this crazy warm weather we've been having.

Here's Alaina checking out the strawberries. I've been letting the kids water the geraniums up front because (hopefully) they can't do any harm to those flowers.

Fingers crossed for a good growing season :)

Asparagus that had to be planted in a trench. Brian claims it looks like we buried a body in the back yard , lol!

Saturday, March 3, 2012