Monday, November 28, 2011

Olivia's letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Christmas will be here soon. I have been good this year. Therefore, I am writing a list of presents I would like for you to bring...

1. Rapunzel's Mommy and Daddy (as far as I know this doesn't exist, but don't tell Olivia that)

2. A doggie that walks with fur

* My sister Alaina would like a baby that pees and poos

3. A big doll that looks like me

4. Glitter glue

5. A Santa Doll

6. Stickers

7. Lightning Mcqueen and Mater from Cars 2

8. A choo choo train with tracks and remote

9. A plastic lollipop (????)

10. a water table (in the winter?)

11. Thanksgiving read along stories (Olivia just likes audiobooks in general, when she wrote this list we were still in the Thanksgiving spirit!)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby Jesus

All the animals came to see the baby Jesus, even the moose!

And we closed on the house. Woohoo!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas List

I thought I would post gift ideas for the girls if anyone would like some ideas. I think the Jack in the Box is cute and we don't have one yet.

I'll let Olivia make her own list for Santa. I'm curious to see what she writes.

Happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recent Pictures

An update on us: Olivia is back to school after her most recent "track-out". It's like a mini summer vacation and just when we start to get on each others nerves back to school she goes! I really think I'm liking this year round school thing.

Alaina is starting to imitate more sounds! This is so exciting for me after waiting so long. She has tons of signs, but was reluctant to try any speech. She is saying "O" for open, an "ah" sound, mmm, and bye bye with a prompt. I can't wait to hear all the things Alaina has to say!

Oh Corinne... this girl is sooo opinionated. She knows what she wants and doesn't want to hear any no's. LOL. She is saying bye bye, da da , and uh oh. So cute! I don't know why my kids never want to come out with Mama ;)

And our big news: We will be closing on our house any day now!!! It's been a lot of work (Just ask poor Brian who has been dealing with all the paperwork, negotiations, etc.) and it will be a relief to have it done. Please send good thoughts our way that everything goes smoothly!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011- The Witch, The Ladybug, and the Lion

Halloween, the much anticipated event, is over. All the girls dressed up, even if only briefly. Alaina and Corinne were sick and the weather was cold and rainy so they stayed in to help Daddy hand out candy. The little lion cub was not very excited about her hat :(

Olivia was very excited though! She had a great time trick or treating with her neighborhood buddies. Many of the houses were decorated really well, it was so much fun.

Pics from our spooky Halloween train ride:

The girls first train ride:

Olivia loved it, Alaina was a bit freaked out, and Corinne was squirming to get down. It was beautiful view of NC. There were ghosts, witches, etc. along the way. Very neat!

Happy Halloween!