Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pool Pics

There is a pool down the street from our house and we've been spending a lot of time there this summer. Olivia would stay all day every day if she could. Notice her new swim attire of a vest and water wings. She was insisting on using a round tube she has had forever, but it got a hole last week and so she was forced to move on. Now she can swim all over the pool with her new gear. Alaina likes her floaty too. When the water was really cold she would holler and try to jump out of her floaty. Now she is pretty content to cruise the pool with one of us. It is going to be a great summer!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Olivia's B-Day Party

On Saturday we had a party for Olivia at the park. She will be 4 tomorrow! She invited some buddies from the neighborhood and preschool. The kids painted little spaceship puzzles to go with her Toy Story theme, played bubbles, and kicked around soccer balls. Olivia wore a cowboy hat like Jesse in the Toy Story 2 movie. We will also be taking her to Toy Story 3 when it comes out later this month. It will be her first visit to the movie theatre.
There was pizza and then a yummy cake from our local bakery. So tasty and pretty too!

Blowing out the candles...

and the best part...
She had a great time and I think the other kids did too. Definitely worth the effort put in to make it happen for her. Can't believe she's four now. It always feels like she is growing up fast when birthdays come around. Happy Birthday Olivia!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

This memorial weekend we stayed close to home. On saturday we went to a local festival that had a petting zoo. Olivia liked feeding the goats best of all. She kept pulling up handfuls of grass to feed them and the goats liked it. She also got her face painted and a temporary tattoo on her arm.
On Sunday we went to Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson's retreat home. A few weeks ago we visited his main home, Monticello. This one is closer to our house so it was an easy one hour drive with the kiddos and they both did good.
This picture is from the front:

and this one is from the back:

Olivia is now a good picture taker so Brian and I can get pictures together again!
Olivia posing for the camera:

Then yesterday we went to the local pool and both girls got in. I didn't get any pictures, but they really enjoyed the water. Alaina makes a funny laughing sound and yells when she is put in the cold water. It is too cute!