Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

We had some much needed rain here on Monday night. It has been so hot you could literally see steam rising off the pavement as it came down. At first Olivia and Alaina put hats on trying to keep their little heads dry, but soon it was clear they were going to get WET! They had so much fun splashing in puddles. The only thing Alaina doesn't like is when Olivia trys to pour buckets of water down her back. Yikes!


Yuki said...

AWW they look like they loved playing in the rain. That was one of my faviorte thing to do as a kid. Man great picture of Olivia jumping, she got some air!!! Sunday we were at hockey came back to a tree down on our fence just missed the house. It was Betty's tree so she had it removed by Tuesday. It was like a tornado hit the said. A tree fell and tore off the back of Betty's garage. Clean up no fun. Atleast it was 75 degrees out.

Linda said...

It's wonderful to see the relationship between Olivia and Alaina. People complain about the rain and say it ruins their weekends, but I really like stormy days. The only time I didn't like it was when I was trying to move back into my house after the renovation. It rained solid for days and was a mess to move in things like mattresses. Other than that, I simply adore bad weather (as Bette Davis used to say).

Kim said...

adorable! We finally got some much needed rain tonight and boy am I glad!