Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We had lots of fun hanging out with our family in Jacksonville. In other news, Brian got a job offer from ABB and we will be moving to Virginia at the beginning of January. His job is in South Boston, but since it is such a tiny town we are thinking of moving to the Danville area. We will be going up to look around as soon as Brian is done with school so we will know more then. Brian has been going to school since before we met and it is all Olivia knows so I'm sure she is going to appreciate no more homework taking up all of Daddy's free time. Overall we are just very happy to be starting this new chapter in our lives!


Linda said...

Kitty had the same idea--she slept in the laundry basket tonight for a couple of hours.

Susana la Banana said...

Congrats to Brian (and you all) on getting a job. We miss you guys a lot!! You'll have to tell us when you're coming to Kansas so we can try and get together then.

Susan (and Ben and James)