Sunday, May 6, 2012

T Ball Ready

The Swing
      Lest you forget what an amateur blogger that I am I have uploaded photos sideways for you.  I know I could probably rotate them on the computer, but I'm too lazy and blogger won't let me do it.  So there you have it!

     I signed Olivia up for t ball because I have good memories of this sport as a kid.  T ball is one of the less competitive sports so I think it's a good start for little ones.  She was NOT excited about it at first, but she came around after the first few times.  Now I believe the kid may actually like it a little bit ;)

And "T Ball Ready" is what the coaches are always telling the kids to keep them from getting distracted and chit chatting or picking flowers.  Gotta love little kids sports  :)

The Hit

Safe on 1st

T Ball Ready


Granny said...

I think I like the motto "T Ball Ready". I'm going to start using it at work. Olivia looks so cute in her helmet and shorts!

EN said...

Oh Gwen - please tell me where I can get a singing animal that sings Usher! Josie would be in HEAVEN!

Thanks! Elizabeth