Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Budding Scientist

On Monday Olivia participated in her 1st ever Science Fair. She was super excited to show off her project that she worked hard on, with some help from Mom and Dad. Of course being that Daddy is an electrical engineer, her project was a conductivity tester. We might have gone with something else, but the school rules were no liquids, foods, plants, or animals so that basically left electrical stuff or pictures. We went with the electrical project.

The project consisted of a battery connected to aluminum foil connected to a light bulb. If the scientist puts something metal across the two ends of the foil the lightbulb turns on. If the material is non metal it stays off.

I think she had fun...

The proud scientists...

Olivia didn't place in the competition, however she did get a certificate of completion and a pencil from the Principal. Good job Olivia!

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