Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Alaina!

Yay, sweet girl you are two! This has been such an exciting year for Alaina.

All the milestones Alaina has accomplished this year:

-learning to crawl and then walk; she walks everywhere now

-Alaina has learned sign language; she has at least 25 signs and regularly uses them

-She has a wuf-wuf sound for animals, especially dogs and uses a motor sound for anything with wheels; also an approximation of up, baby, bye-bye

-She is eating most of her meals by herself. Even starting to use her spoon and fork regularly. Drinks out of straw.

-Alaina's speech is delayed compared to her typical peers, however her gross and fine motor skills are doing pretty good

-She likes to play with puzzles, push-toys, stacking toys, and her favorite is the piggy bank toy that plays music when you put the coins in.

-She is also a great big sister! Always gentle and loving with little sis Corinne. Even brings her toys to play with.

We love you Alaina and are so glad you are ours! Happy Birthday!

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Granny said...

Happy Birthday littlest Angel!