Friday, October 15, 2010

Staying Busy

The weather is great for getting out so that's just what we did yesterday. It keeps the girls busy without me going crazy trying to keep them occupied in the house. There is a neighbor down the road who sets up Halloween inflateables all over his yard so that was the first stop. It's a really cool set up with paths to walk through and Olivia loves it.
Alaina hasn't been scared over other Halloween decorations before, but she did not like the Gargoyle! Olivia wouldn't go near it either.

The jack o' lantern and pirate ship were fine though.

Last stop was the playground. Kind of muddy from the rain, but that's ok. Even though Alaina not walking she really gets around at the playground and has her own fun. She likes standing at the bottom of slide ladder waiting for Olivia. Because of course Olivia has to climb the slide and go down the ladder instead of the other way around. Alaina also likes the little playhouse there.
Good times!

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