Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here are some updated pictures of Alaina. The first one is of her during our Christmas photo shoot. It is so hard to catch her smiling with the camera! The next one is of her sitting pretty good. She works on it alot and gets better everyday.
Olivia and Alaina playing in the tent together. You would never believe how much fun Olivia has playing with her.

Alaina in the bitty baby crib. Because it's so much better to have a real baby than a plastic one!

Alaina munching a carrot. She has been trying lots of different foods lately because I want her to work on her eating skills. She doesn't actually eat them, mostly just mouths it. So far she has tried carrots, pickles, pretzels, sour straws, tostitos, and toast and has enjoyed tasting all of them.

Stay tuned because I plan on putting up pictures of Olivia's preschool and dance class Christmas programs.

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Susana la Banana said...

Oh my goodness! I just can't help but think every time I see Alaina that at this time next year I will have a baby the same age. Also, I can't help thinking, How did Gwen DO it all a YEAR before me? A year ago that would have been complete and total chaos for me.
Thanks for the Alaina pix fix! ;) Merry Christmas!