Friday, October 23, 2009

New Photos!

We had pictures done today of the girls for Halloween. Unfortunately Olivia broke down after one picture so Alaina stepped up and did the remaining poses so we could meet the six pose minimum. Alaina was great and completed the photo shoot without a tear in sight. I'm going to hold back the Halloween picture until the day so their costumes can be a surprise!

Here is a picture of Alaina at 3 months. Can you believe how much she has grown in this short amount of time? She has put on a ton of weight and is much stronger following her heart repair. She has been doing so well that with agreement from all her doctors she had her g-tube removed today. Hooray Alaina! This is such a big step for my little girl and I'm so proud of how far she has come.

Olivia's birthday pictures from June. This little one is looking all grown up too!


Granny said...

Alaina is getting really good at the razberry--I think that's what she's doing in the second pic. She is just beautiful. I like the birthday number pose with Olivia. Bet she'll pass that up when's she's my age. Grandma Carrol

Linda said...

Olivia's hair and dress are the best! Wow. And Alaina is showing all her charm.
Grandma Linda

Melinda said...

Gwen, your girls are SO beautiful!!! I love catching up with you guys on your blog although I don't check it as much as I should. ;-( I'm so glad Alaina is doing so well since her surgery. Keep up the awesome pictures! Melinda