Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our House

This is our new house in Virginia. We are renting for now until we get our other house sold then we will probably be moving again. Being that we are just getting settled into this house I'm dreading having to move again so soon. Everything will work out fine and at least when we buy a house I can be sure that we will be staying put for awhile. Also as you can tell we got snow last night. Doesn't Olivia look cold? She asked to go in after a couple of minutes which is amazing because she spent much more time outside in the snow in Colorado without a single complaint. I guess she has adjusted to the warmer weather here.


Susana la Banana said...

Cool! I know just what you mean...we moved into our house in Nov and are looking to buy this summer...so it's hard to get excited about making this place feel homey when it's just a couple of months till we'll be out again. Sucks.

But hey! You guys got some snow! No fair!

Linda said...

Thanks for removing the splinter from my finger. I would like to play more with your doctor kit next time I see you.