Thursday, March 27, 2008


Woohoo! Since the North Carolina primaries are coming up on May 6th, Hillary Clinton has begun campaigning in our state. Her very first stop was my college, Wake Tech. We got up early this morning and Olivia and I made the trip out to my school to stand in line to hear her speak about the future of our economy.
After much waiting she came out and the response was amazing. All the students were so excited to finally see her after an almost hour delay. Olivia was really good about it. She had lots of snacks and juice to pull her through.
After the speech Hillary came down to shake hands and take pictures. The audience stormed her and I didn't think Olivia and I would be able to reach her.
I decided we weren't going to leave without a picture with Hillary so I called out to her "Hillary, will you take a picture with my baby?" She graciously agreed and so I passed Olivia up a few rows and got this awesome picture. It was an amazing experience to be in the presence of such an inspiring woman and I truly enjoyed hearing her speak.

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Linda said...

Holy cow Gwen! What a day. Hilary looks beautiful doesn't she. Olivia looks like she is thinking, what the heck! Good girl.